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Originally Posted by Tuhlmann View Post
Thatís a nice looking rig! I really like the P10 series. Donít own one (yet), but the P10C fits my hand about as well as any polymer pistol could, and CZ pistols of all flavors are top shelf in my experience. Do you find your trigger mods worth the extra cost over stock? You mentioned your Glocks, how does your P10 compare against them overall?

I'm no expert, but I'll always love my Glocks. This particular P-10 with the Trijicon SRO and HBI trigger is a pure pleasure to shoot and my favorite striker-fired pistol.

From what I have seen I got lucky with the factory trigger which was right around 4lbs. The HBI trigger and striker spring just made it better. For the money, it is definitely worth the upgrade.
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