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Originally Posted by tac-40 View Post
You might want to look at the FH a little closer. I have a Savage 110 Tactical in 6.5CM. I added a Griffin Armament Minimalist muzzle brake on it. This thing weighs 1 ounce and is made from titanium. Need it so I can use my can. With that little one ounce weight on the end of the barrel, my zero changed about 2 inches high and left. Group sizes stayed the same. I wouldn't think that an ounce could change the performance of a heavy profile barrel that much. But the harmonics of the barrel were changed because of that weight change.

Just goes to show you that it doesn't take much to make great shooting rifle a lousy shooting rifle.
Now that you have a suppressor adapter on it how much change in point of impact between no can mounted and can mounted?
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