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Originally Posted by Mebsuta View Post
I always thought the antelope was in Africa, but they have one in the US too.
The American pronghorn in the west is called an antelope, but technically is not. Most African plains game are antelope variations.

Back on topic, I plan to take my stick & string out in the morning if the overnight email influx doesn't hit me too hard. On Saturday the KY muzzle loader season kicks off for 9 days. I don't do the muzzle loader thing myself, but there are enough people that do so that might keep the deer moving around on Saturday morning. Sadly, from what I have seen and heard over the last week, they are really starting to yard up now which is what makes late bow season more challenging for does. Deer or no deer, it looks to be a couple of nice mornings to sit in a tree and ponder the world anyway
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