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If your sight is wobbly, take it off and sqeeze gently in a vise to tighten it up. That will take the play out of the sight.

As for the aperture size, you might think it is too big, but try shooting it at night. Suddenly it is really way to small. I would imagine you could solder the hole shut and drill to the size you want but it is a battle rifle.

My son shot a match with a FAL. 200yds, worked like a champ. 300yds still hitting perfect. Slide it up to "6" and moved back to 600. Was getting them in the black. And this from an old beat up Rhody rifle with TE of 4.5. Nothing wrong with the sights on that gun. Worked great and if it would have been a man downrange at 600, he would have been dead. When you can hit a man size area at 600yds with battle rifle sights, you are good to go.
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