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Originally Posted by Douglas S Graham View Post
So , how do you know if a gun "fits" you or not?? I get the concept, but does somebody fit it for you and school you on the FIT??
I'm a dove hunter and a very occasional sporting clay shooter. The gun that "fits" me and that I can do the best with is not what the pros use. It's an 870, one of which I have been shooting since I was a teenager. I've had and shot several higher end shotguns, but could not hit with them like I can with an 870. Would it compete with the pros? Hell no. But it does "fit" me, and I am far, far, far from being a pro. It works for ME and I am shooting a sporting clay match tomorrow with an 870.

I suppose the moral of this story is, find what fits YOU, not what is "best" or "most expensive" or "what the pros use".

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