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Stage 1 - Can I Count on You?
Count Dracula is leading the invasion of the supernatural forces to wipe out the human race. Kill his captains before taking a shot at the Lord of Night himself.

Before the stage begins, one teammate will use a staged shotgun and provided ammo to try and hit 4 clay " bats" in flight. Each clay destroyed will eliminate one target and add 5 seconds to the par time for the stage. If you clean all 4, 30 seconds will be added to the par time. Targets are eliminated from nearest to farthest.

On the buzzer, the other teammate will engage 6 targets, minus any eliminated by shotgun, from nearest to furthest. The closest target will be at 200, the furthest at 700. If you clear the stage, you can decide to remain on the shot clock and shoot at the bonus "Dracula" target at 850 for an advantage later in the course. You stage time is last shot fired, regardless of target being engaged. Failure to eliminate all but Dracula will result in a DNF. A spotting scope will be provided as well.
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