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Originally Posted by W.E.G. View Post
Great deer killer, dripping with nostalgia in a gun from its era of early glory.
Would love to have a lightweight blue and dark walnut specimen.

Not so much in stainless or plastic with matte oxide.
At one time a friend of mine owned a 257 Roberts built by P.O. Ackley. If I had to describe a perfect hunting rifle this would have been it. It was built from an FN Mauser action and had a Lyman rear adjustable peep sight. The barrel was marked PO Ackley and the action was marked under the wood with Ackley's info and date he built it. It wasn't fancy but it was well balanced, shouldered like a dream and shot very well. The wood was fitted so tight to the action you would have sworn the stock was permanently bedded. Every time I got it in my hands he had to pry it away from me.
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