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Originally Posted by 2barearms View Post
So it looks like I ended up with a 4 bolt fish gill gun.....I put the one of 2 thousand Swat lower on and it shooots real nice. Iíll probably sell the spare lower or trade it for a 550 lower. Now I need a set of sights for it....
Mine is a 2009-ish SWAT model. I have looked at the 556 rifles for a good while, but never figured I would buy one. Then a local shop got this one in. You can see what it looked like in the first photos I posted. But as they don't normally deal in this type of weapon, it was marked down to a very reasonable price. I figured I could do something with it, even if I resold it. That won't happen now. I did not like the quad rail and vertical laser/light. Just not needed, and heavy as hell. It now wears a 551 handguard, and I love it. It is a 3 screw that made the change even easier. The scope that was on it is now on my Ruger No. 1 45/70. The folding/collapsible stock was a Swiss made unit, but I like the 551 stock better. It just does not collapse, and I think it just plain looks better. I have no idea what type of lower is on it, and don't really care as I have no intention of changing it. I like using M16 mags. It had the hooded front sight on it, and came with the rotary HK type sight that attaches to the rail. No intentions of changing that either. Not really trying to make it look more "correct" or anything like that, just using available options to make it more like I want it. And I think I am about done. It is what it is. For me, it is a much better rifle than it was with all that tonnage hanging all over it.
If I would have purchased the same scope for my Ruger No. would have cost me about half of what I have in the entire SIG package........I'm happy
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