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Originally Posted by LKY_13 View Post

My 556 DMR had the monolithic top. I like it just fine. I also have 3 piece assemblies. Which, is a lot easier in your case. Since you want to swap to a regular handguard. No messing with the receiver rail section. Just snap the upper and lower sections off, and go to whatever handguards you want.

Fair warning; you'll likely want a rubber mallet to aid in removing your railed handguards for the first time. They are a tight fit. Once your upper is separated from the lower, you'll tap the lower section rearward. The upper rail is tabbed, and once you get the lower started rearward, you should hear it pop into the alignment slot. Shouldn't take a ton of pressure. I would use a rubber or plastic wedge between it and the mallet. Take your time. No biggie.
Thanks for the info! Pretty sure I will go to a 551 handguard, but I got plenty of time to decide for sure. I'll give the rails a try, but I just don't have much use for hanging all kinds of extra weight on a weapon. They all have their use, but just not for me.
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