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Love my SiG 556's. I've owned more models/makes than FALs at this point (although, the numbers are close). Only ever had to send one back to Sig, and that was a short gas system, patrol model. That said; there are some piss-poor ones out there, but these are not very common.

Sounds like you got the SWAT model, as it is the only one that came with that particular vertical grip. Although, it is possible that it was swapped from a different model (unlikely though).

Fantastic rifles! Heavy, to be sure, and not as polished/refined as the Swiss 550/551's. But for the price, I love mine. Especially if you can find one of the early models. These are rare, but will have a grey or light charcoal black upper receiver. Bolt, carrier, fire control group, gas block will all be numbered and or have the original Swiss roll-marks. You can visually see the difference in machining, finish, craftsmanship, coatings. The Swiss FCG is unparalleled, and makes a noticeable difference. Still, some of the US triggers are nice, if properly adjusted/tuned. Most people will not adjust them correctly.

Anyway, I doubt you got a bad one. Pictures will help me to help you.
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