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Originally Posted by tac-40 View Post
An FAL dust cover mount, at least one of the good ones, is a pretty solid mount when installed correctly. Way better than a forearm that is fastened at one point and allowed to move everywhere else along its length. I have a para with an ARM railed dust cover mount and it is fine for minute of man out to 300 yards with my EoTech on it. Haven't tried it farther so can't comment there.

A red dot mounted significantly away from the eye will cause the parallax to be more significant in getting and holding a good sight picture and hitting the target. While most RDS companies say there is no parallax on their optics, there really is and it can come into play. I know this because I worked as a government funded contractor a few years back evaluating various RDS optics for law enforcement use and found out that parallax was present in every optic.
I agree. I only got two guns with optics mounted forward, one being a Marlin 1895 Guide Gun in .45-70 and the other is a Benelli S90 shotgun.
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