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Originally Posted by wanneroo View Post
Has this washed up retread worthless hippie dirtbag scum ever heard of a New York Reload?
Well did you catch where he was patting himself on the back over removing "dangerous" Damascus barreled guns from circulation ?

Moments before that he was patting himself on the back over how no historically significant or valuable firearms would face destruction

I have double rifles with Damascus barrels
19th century Colt shotguns were Damascus
so Were Greeners, Westley Richards, just a spate of high end and valuable shotguns as well as some rifles

I wager any Parabellum would be shredded, any Broomhandle, even an engraved prewar Walther PPK under his program
probably even 1st Generation Colt SAAs or early 1911s

These programs are there to rape widows and daughters from family firearms in exchange for some scummy exchange of a $75.00 food card for thousand plus dollar curios
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