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There exist legit Belgian alloy covers. Likely what you'll see here are DSA aluminum reproductions. The cover finish is quite different one unto the other, the DSA's also have a readily recognized stamping defect just aft of the end of the firing port. Just above the rearmost edge of the port there'll be a misformed area where there is "ususally" almost a vertical line stamped or tooled/formed poorly; instead of a nice, smooth even roll over in the area on know, like they cared (not like DSA at all) when they did them. The Belgians are better smoother/blacker finished and in new condition display perfect forming there.

Myself, I've NEVER seen a DSA lightweight cover that does not display this observable defect; not to say a perfect one can't exist = DSA could have varied from their notable quality control "standards" and let one through. The DSA parts sold SO well, I think they ended up selling them off at $10 a pop; and then discontinued them. The legit Hiduminium Belgian ones quite a bit more, like almost any of the Hidu parts.

I question the real weight savings of even the Hiduminium ones from the Belgian factory...really worth it? I guess if the last gram matters...

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