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Ronin I like your idea for a mag pull. That picture looks eerily similar to ones posted by a gentlemen on the net who's handle refers to a tool used to change a tire. I beleive he might even be a member here although I havent seen him post in a very long time. He is uber knowlegable and is always ready to opine in a civil matter. I have leaned volumes from his internet postings on various boards.

You are obviously not him as he wouldnt have expressed his opinon in the fashion you have.

In your defense I do believe the dump pouch has become the acceptable way to stow mags until you get a chance to place them back in mag pouchs. ***scratch that return to mag pouch-stupid words-WTF was I thinking when I was typing*** As far as taking up space to me its just an over size/glorified cargo pocket on my leg. To each his own.

You need to work on your message delivery system.

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