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Originally Posted by Heisser Mann View Post
Here's the issue at hand:
E. Michael Jones: Trump is in cahoots with New York Jewish gangsters

E. Michael Jones, a prolific writer and editor of Culture Wars magazine, has recently done an interview with Press-TV during which he said:

“First question. Why is Donald Trump against the Iran nuclear agreement? The answer to that is he is from New York. The Jews control New York City. You can’t go anywhere in the real estate business in New York City unless you go along with what they want. And this is basically the basis of his foreign policy.

“He has no philosophical basis to do anything to analyze the policy to come up with some type of an alternative to the neocon catastrophe that has created the foreign policy ever since the invasion of Iraq in 2003.”

This shouldn’t surprise any observer at all. Even the Jerusalem Post has stated very clearly: “Throughout much of his adult life and childhood, at seemingly every significant juncture in his business career, Donald J. Trump has surrounded himself with members of a single minority group,”[1] and you know what that “single minority group” is by now.

Trump has also surrounded himself with political gangsters who are in cahoots with the Israeli regime’s relentless liquidation of the Palestinians. For example, Trump nominated David Friedman as U.S. ambassador to Israel. According to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Friedman is “a bankruptcy lawyer who supports West Bank settlement construction and has expressed doubts about the two-state solution.”[2]

"In war, truth is the first casualty." Aeschylus
So, where was this country called Palestine? Answer: There was never a country of Palestine... ever. It was no more that a geographic location. There was no Palestinian nation. No Palestinian government. Those how now call themselves Palestinians are Bedouins who once roamed the environs of what is now called the Middle East and thats it. This fake nationality called "Palestinian" has had ample opportunities to secure a nation of their own, although not deserved, but have refused to on multiple occasions in order to continue murdering Israeli civilians. These so-called Palestinians are no more that rats clinging to whatever debris presents itself. Ask yourself, why has no Arab country agreed to take them in? They are not wanted, thats why. They are used as ignorant stooges by whatever Islamic power provides them with any notoriety to continue attacking Israel. Doesn't really matter what anyone thinks of Israel. These Bedouin malcontents are the dregs of the muslim world.
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