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Originally Posted by kimberkid View Post
... I thought this thread was going to be about the M11 with a LAGE gen 1 upper! I bought one that was on a semi lower because it looked cool and it jammed every 7-8 rounds, then I bought a transferable M11 and it came with both 6" and a LAGE gen 1 ... So now I'm the proud owner of 2 and neither one run worth a crap!

It runs fine with the original 6" upper at around 6-700rpm ... The 6" also runs fine on the semi lower ... go figure
My Ingram M11's run dedicated solid perfect unless find a specific ammo they don't like. Have the original Sionics suppressors and were almost useless till decent laser sights hit the market. Now just put the dot on the target and let 1,000+ rpm turn it to trash. Love my lititle M11's.
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