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Originally Posted by Nomad, 2nd View Post
Dude, for being a vegitarian you eat some shit food.
Only the pizzas, all that cereal is certified organic, non GMO, no preservatives. Take a look at Kashi and Mom's Best ingredients. All we pour on cereal is organic, non GMO almond milk and would bet over 70% of our food is certified organic. Eggs picked up yesterday for baking a couple cakes were from free range, organic fed hens though free range just means a bigger cage. Bought gluten free flour product that's organic as will be baking lots of pies over Thanksgiving and Christmas with a lot of gluten sensitive people wanting pies. All my pies are made with locally grown fruit we freeze ourselves. My pies are treated like gold by anyone lucky enough to get on my list and have more locally grown organic blueberries, strawberries and peaches than need for getting through the winter.

I normally put some Kraft cheddar cheese and Morningstar Farms vegitarian soy based sausage on the pizzas and toast one for snack every day when come home to fix wife's lunch. I read label on everything I buy except the pizzas and if item has MSG, "natural flavorings" or any other non hippie vegitarian peace and love environmentaly friendly ingredient goes back on shelf. Everyone needs one vice, don't drink, smoke, eat pork, red meat, poison fish, etc but the sprinkle some cheese and vegi-sausage crumbles on a cheap frozen pizza for quick snack while feeding wife, getting her to restroom and settled wherever wants to land till get home from work is quick and easy. If cook pizza for wife it's done from scratch with home made crust and sauce but don't have time to even come home for lunch everyday but since have to what I eat has to be fast and easy plus cheap is a nice bonus.
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