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Originally Posted by Texgunner View Post
Yeah, it's over-priced, but damn, that Pumpkin Spice Latte tastes gooooood!!!
Pumpkin Spice Latte (Limited Time) $4.95 Grande

Pumpkin Spice Latte (Limited Time) $5.25 Venti

Any way, your over $5 out the door with sales tax. This week $5.79
Kroger Special Roast Coffee 29 Oz and have two $1.25 off coupons in my coupon envelope right now but was waiting on a "mega-sale" where price usually drops to $4.49. If do not have a mega-sale before print coupons expire thats two full size cans of coffee for $4.49 plus sales tax. If mega-sale hits then will hit them for $3.24 per can. That's about two months of coffee for me at two pots per day for cost of one cup of Starbucks.

I know people too proud or claim too busy to use coupons. They cone in the mail and get them electronically through each grocery stores phone app. This year according to Kroger my savings for 2017 are:

Savings To Date 2017 $1214.76
Still have 2.5 months of savings to go. I shop specials then combine my print and electronic coupons. Do this at three grocery suppliers and have saved over $2,000 to date this year using coupons and the good sales really ramp up during the holidays where I will lay back two or three months groceries in bulk. Figure in not one Starbucks purchased out of my pocket, Every $100 spend at Kroger get 1 cents per gallon off fuel, $200 20 cents and based on special this weekend where had digital coupon for 4x fuel points, 50 extra fuel points if spent $50 that 200 bonus fuel points combined with the 50 plus from money actually spent and when I filled up this morning (my diesel truck) got $1 off per gallon time 27+ gallons.

Combine coupon savings and fuel points savings and have over $3,000 left in pocket over people who don't use coupons and another $2,000 from taking my own coffee in thermos out door every morning instead of buying coffee by the cup. Wife and I had to take adopted son out to eat once while back visiting and only time have gone out to eat in years. For what sister in law spends total at Starbucks and restaurants. My brother spends eating out for lunch daily and taking family out at least twice a week each and averaging the two I can build a half dozen AR 15's per year by drinking my coffee and eating at home. Have friends that their annual dining and drinks tab I could build ten decent AR's per year plus feed ammo to them all.

Then not knowing if the kitchen help has a pandemic flu, cold, regular flu and sneezed in the salad bowls or didn't wash hands after wiping @$$ introducing E Coli to the food odds of getting sick or food poisoned go down significantly so I am staying away from over priced coffee and food that has at least a 50'50 chance of being infected with a germ it won't have prepared in my kitchen.

I don't think liberals have enough sense to stockpile the really necessary items for survival which should mean when post "whatever event hits the fan" there will be plenty of supplies laying about to b picked up by whoever survives the first 90 to 120 days. My goal is to leverage my money to best prepare household for a SHTF event and reduce possible exposure to event best I can.
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