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My Palmetto upper "seems" pretty square.

Still don't know why it strings rounds up and down on the target.
It does it every time (multiple range trips). So I don't think "its me" shooting high-and-low from bottom of 8-ring to top of 8-ring, but 10-ring wide on scoped gun. I shoot high-and-low with iron sights because I can't see shit. But, not the case with scopes.

I have the tools to square it.

I need to get through a little patch of distractions here, then I'm gonna pull the Palmetto barrel and square the Palemetto receiver. I intend to also work on any sharp edges on the Palmetto barrel extension. On re-assembly, the I intend to install a new bolt, since the Palmetto bolt is all chewed to hell. I'm undecided whether to install my spare DPMS bolt or install the spare Toolcraft bolt-carrier-group with the skinny firing pin and double-ejectors.

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