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Thanks for the idea's everyone. A Wheeler Tool is on my list. The Magpul wrench looks good and I found one for $60, but that is still pricey. Precision Reflex offers a 308 Barrel Nut Wrench for $35 that looks interesting if it will fit a 1.200" barrel and a 20 pin Nut.

I'm not convinced every AR needs to be "trued" or lapped. Only one AR 15 build had to be torn down and squared due to its shooting too far left to get the sights centered. That was done with a file and a machinist square.

AERO's enhanced Upper Receiver doesn't allow for access to the receiver face. This kit included an AERO receiver, BCG, and M lok Handguard to go with a Ballistic Advantage Barrel. I don't expect much trouble screwing it together.

So far, I really do not like these "Chezz-grator" Key and M lok handguards. Especially the ones that extend nearly out to the muzzle for some reason.

AERO sez 65 pounds feet on the Barrel Nut please.
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