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Remember, when torquing a barrel on an AR, you aren’t tuning a piano. There is no perfection you can detect.

The torque on the barrel nut simply has to be enough that it won’t vibrate loose, but not so much that it destroys the aluminum threads on the receiver. More on the tight side is best in my opinion. I shot the gas plug loose on the Garand yesterday,... and I “thought” that bitch was tight before I started.

Lots of talk of “truing” AR upper receiver faces when installing barrels. I don’t doubt some start out-of-true. I’m not sure how much that really matters for accuracy, so long as the barrel nut is truly tight. Except that a weakly-torqued barrel nut is more likely to shoot-loose to the point of actually affecting accuracy if it has inadequate nut-to-face (I’m sure there’s an ATM joke there somewhere) engagement at initial assembly.

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