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Originally Posted by W.E.G. View Post
Are you using common castle-nut or hex-nut or some weird proprietary nut to secure the barrel?
I use whatever ships with the clearance free float forearms or buffer tube/stocks found. Have a tendency to buy a pair, four, six and sometimes more of any AR 15 or AR 10 forearm or stock found with features I want for dirt cheap. Can open the parts locker and almost always find right length and diameter forearm or decent stock on the appropriate shelf. Also always have a box full of OEM take offs from LGS where do customers uparades and most do not want original stock.

Currently have been using the B5 SOPMOD stocks on milspec buffers with milspec buffer tube and castle nut on back end of rifle builds and a mix of oddness for pistol builds. The B5 SOPMOD gives me a comfortable cheek weld and know I always have some fresh batteries as something on my me even if headset or flashlight may need batteries and all of my rifles that actually make it out of the vault more than occasionally are kept loaded with spares.

On front end run anything from fat round aluminum tube to carbon fiber but am starting to avoid hand shredding M Lok, Key Lok and others with lots of material cut away to make it more tacticool. When I overheat the gas tube and it splits venting hot gas don't want to wish had put on gloves or have to put in gloves because without the forearm shreds my hands. I like a rail running length of forearm on top and a few holes at front to add a bipod mount, light or I.R. illuminator of which odds are only one accessory if any gets mounted to forearm.

I am not cool enough to be tacticool. Use more OEM plastic than most as get it free like stocks but mount using a service rifle free float tube under the plastic so get the classic look. Don't like jacking a long shot because I put too much pressure on the forearm either using a sling, bipod, bag, rest or too much pressure pressing against whatever tree limb or barricade used to brace the shot. Amazing how much a barrel will deflect even with moderate pressure that finds its way through forearm to barrel. Have had free float forearms without enough clearance between inside of tube and gas block that cojld a rifle length or rifle plus three inches bind against gas block. Many times have had to find a larger diameter tube in locker or smaller gas block.

I run across so many of the fleabay forearms at LGS have the full four piece Mentium barrel nut assortment along with four or five milspec types based on fatness of barrel and how have it chucked for torquing. Also need the special nut tools for Troy, Geisselle, BCM, Yankee Hill, PRI and more. When wrench on any upper someone drags in for free tend to see a lot of odd cap because owner didn't buy the tool to install their nut and was not included with the forearm.
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