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Looks like a common AR barrel nut, ala AR15 to me, except larger. My standard M16A1 Armorers Wrench fits the teeth, but doesn't have enough clearance to get around that fat-ass 308 Barrel. 20 inches long weighing 52 oz, this is going to be a HEAVY pogue. Sort of like yours I believe.

The Upper Receiver is an AERO M5EI Enhanced so it does have proprietary Handguards and I don't think that Barrel Nut fits anybody else's rifle.

Pretty sure I need a Tapco Wrench (AERO recommended) in 308 size, Just not sure what else and trying to prepare. Don't have Lower Receiver, Gas Block, or Stock yet.

308 AR looks familiar, but this will be my first assembly.

Huey, not sure, but don't think AERO Enhanced is a candidate for "Lapping".
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