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Holosun HE503GU-GR (Green dot)

Some back story; my daughter all up and laid claim to my old Ruger MKII Target pistol. The one I paid good money to have drilled and tapped for a scope mount and stuff. Anyway, she is enjoying it and shooting well in Steel Challenge so I guess Dad will have to just move on. You can tell I am very, very broken up about it.

Anywho, turn about is fair play so I took "her" pistol. It is an older S&W 22A that was given to her a few years back. That story is I made a deal to buy a retired Competitor's remaining reloading equipment and supplies. I took my then 13 year old daughter with me to get the stuff and as we were loading it all up he came across a bag of handguns he had forgotten about. Who among us has not? As he looked though the bag he said; "here is a cheap .22, would your daughter like to have it?" I allowed as she would and he gave it to her. Moral there is take a cute girl to your deals.

Now finally to the meat of the thread, as the 22A already had a rail all I needed was a suitable optic to allow these old eyes to quickly and accurately hit a steel plate. I was all set to move a Leupold Delta Point off another pistol when the Siren Song of a green dot kept calling me. I looked hard at Trijicon, but just could not bring myself to spring the coin required for one. I had been seeing this Holosun advertised at a fair-ish price ($180) so finally took the plunge. I think I like it.

It is a Aimpoint sized optic with a green 2 MOA dot and 65 MOA circle, or you can use just the dot. I am planning on running both. It came with both a low base and a 1/3 lower co-witness mount. A nice touch although all I need is the low mount. Standard 2032 battery which I keep in the range bag anyway. Nice clear picture, without the "bulge" in the bottom of the view seen on some lower end dots. I have only mounted it and finger-fudged it so far but think it will be a nice unit for what I intend to use it for. It is bigger than the Delta Point, RMR, Fastfire, etc. but not terribly out of place on a range toy pistol.

If the weather permits I will sight it in tomorrow and plink at some steel Saturday.
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