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Originally Posted by FP1201 View Post
There were some receivers here:
Those are Italian Garand receivers, interchangeable with USGI.

Originally Posted by FP1201 View Post
I'm thinking there were some modifications required on the Receiver for the BM59, certainly on the Trigger,and neat Rifle, magazines are expensive, and it can be a finicky bastard.
Magazines re reasonable now, the Italians have retired the BM59 from service so almost all the parts are headed to America. In fact, magazines can be had for less than M14 magazines nowadays!
An 'in spec' BM59 (factory Beretta or Shuff's) is less finicky than the parent Garand (no clip latch issues), the myth of unreliability had to do with junk from the '60s that used some BM59 components (magazines and bolt hold open) with 'simplified' modifications that didn't work as well as the Italian engineering and rewelded receivers.

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