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MR Mike Meyer please send me 5 of your US made Entreprise Arms floorplates to me. probono "free" as i am broke and i will tell you if they are a true 922R part. let me know and i will send you an address to send them to. thanks~Richard --also if you are a Mod on WAR Rifel get me unbanned. as i was banned for freedom of speach. i didn't use bad words, i just told 1 of your vindors that they were liers, so i have no first amdt rites on WR, and by some of the letters i have seen. people like Entreprise Arms pay you big $$$ to try to scare people from telling the truth, about a Bad product. that is an Nazi way of keeping people quiet. but on the other hand if people complaine about gun rites you get all upset. sounds like a doubble standard. so hook me up with 5 floorplates and i will tell you the truth if it is good or bad so don't be scared i have a camera and will post pic's. so have a great day MR MM~R
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