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idsubgun, thanx for looking at your mags. What I really need is some NIW mag that are dated circa 1958 - 1960 to see when they changed to the TYPE 2 Case and base plate. If you find some marked as such could you open them and save the later dated ones as they will be the TYPE 2.

This pic is from another tread I started about the different followers I have found so far. Ted you will notice the X8E1 mag looks the same as your EX.1 mags.

Note on #4 that the rear of the follower has a different design similar to the X8E1 design. This is probably from a very early (1955) Israeli magazine. As this feature was later changed to the stronger FN/British design.

FAL Followers

1. 1954 X8E1 British trials rifle magazine follower
2. Standard FAL magazine follower
3. German G1 FAL magazine follower
4. Israeli FAL magazine follower

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