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A good watch. Also check out the follow up.....Shooting the EM2.

Funny how we went in circles. Now I have been a devotee of 7.62 NATO, the SLR and the M14.....and my issue weapon the M60, I can see that for the individual rifleman the .280 or 6.8 class of rifle would have been about right. The rub would be the crew serves were still better off with more effective range than that class.

Here we are where the 6.8 case less (or not) are back in the research running.

The EM2 had a nice system for the trigger, in my opinion most bull pups suck in the trigger category due to the long linkage and associated mass needing more spring pressure to prevent inertia related unintended sear trips. Not to mention the flex and crunch in lesser long linkage systems. I always though a hydraulic line would be nice but yea you would have to contend with system leakage or even freezing in extreme cold. Likely a dead end with its own issues.
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