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My 1st modern handgun, well the first firearm I bought was a new Ruger RST4 standard model semi pistol around 70'/71'
Pops did the paperwork, I paid for $50 odd bucks including tax at a local electronics store that had a gun counter
I was nine years old at the time, was already shooting an original Colt 49' Pocket model in the back yard I had rescued from an abandoned homestead south of town

Anyways a few years later a neighbor bought a Stoeger like yours
Ran great in warm weather with quality ammo, otherwise it was like getting milk out of Boar tits for reliability
The Ermas in .22 were the same way
Early 1st run Stoegers like yours were MUCH better guns than the later production runs which ended up real shoddy
Main reason you hardly see these guns anymore is they tended to go to shit or inept monkeys "worked" on them resulting in a box of parts
same with the Ermas

Cool guns they are though Tex
that's unbelievable condition for your 1st shooter
most of my 1st pistols were used on traplines, etc and showed that history of use before I was even out of high school
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