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Originally Posted by Bug Tussell View Post
Some of the c-rats weren't bad. Main units were good excepting pork and ham slices which tasted the same to me. But would fill your belly if you were hungry. Pound cake, peachs were divine. Chocolate nut roll was okay.

Take all of the beef units and toss in a pan with instant rice and jalapenos over a fire. Good stuff.

We'd take the case of c-rats and dump them upside down (label side down) and take turns picking your meals thinking that this was a fair way to distribute the meals. That is until one of the guys pointed out that the cases of c-rations were always packed in the same order. He shared that info after he high graded his meals for a long time since he would memorize the order and knew where to grab.

Seen some nasty fistfights over this very thing.

Green ham and Lima beans makes a man right mean and nasty after several days.
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