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Originally Posted by Tuscan Raider View Post
Glad you guys are having minimal problems.

My main concern at this point would be neck tension.

Don’t think if a few load Ok that’s going to be the norm.
I'm with you on this concern. Since this is essentially new brass with annealed necks one can assume there is not much inherent tension in the neck as it was technically dead soft from annealing. The necks have been slightly work hardened from loading and subsequent pulling but not enough in my opinion to securely hold a bullet. A once fired case that's been run thru a full length die with a spindle is a whole nother beast and has adequate work hardening to hold the bullet w/o a crimp in my experience. Edit: Gary measured the od. on the neck of this brass at .034 which tells me this brass never had a bullet seated. If a bullet had been seated it would at least measure >.037. neck tension shouldn't be an issue.

FWIW--aside from rough handling by the end users in the military--I believe the main reason the military specification calls for crimping is because they also call for annealling the necks before loading.

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