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Originally Posted by V guy View Post
Not directed at you, just the post #45, about using WIKI for ammo reference, instead of Speer, Hornady, etc, etc, or this forums extensive information.

Amateurs and newbies do not know about the last 70 years of reloading history.
Is picture below a reloading Wiki? Some of the best information I have is in the manuals written between WW I and WW II. I have a phobia about online reloading references and until verified information from at least the bullet makers manual and powder makers manual don't drop powder based in internet loads posted in discussion groups or manufacturer online manuals.

While we are talking bargains, it's time to do another 10,000 count run of 5.56. Have found new Hornady 62 grain FMJBT for $419 per 5,500 count quantities (7.5 cents each). Anyone know of better deal without going to pulls? Have found Armscor 62 grain projectiles (6.9 cents each) slightly cheaper but unsure if they are good enough shooters to warrant saving less than a 1/2 cent per projectile. Have mega stores of new and pulled M855 which new are just 6.0 cents each, shoot decently but hammering on steel targets non stop with them is unnecessary wear on my and my friends steel plates, especially at closer ranges.

Just scored 5,000 Speer 6.8 90 grain Gold Dots at a great price which have brass prepped for and will worry about dropping those till get some bulk 5.56 projectiles in without getting into my emergency stores. Finally have enough 6.8 put back not worried about two dozen plus 6.8 ARs along with Mini 14s and bolt rifles running out of food to munch if had an extended ammo shortage. Since Speer released 90 and 115 grain Gold Dots as new components in bulk don't have to depend on a disproportionate number of 90 grain TNTs to feed them. As built my inventory of ammo as number of rifles increased the extra cost of powder and projectiles when shooting high volume has sent me scurrying back to my 5.56 poodle shooters for making noise.

Have somewhere between another 10,500 and 11,500 5.56 cases prepped ready to go when finish dropping what seems like a 55 galling drum to fill the ~5,000 fat 6.8 cases prepped. Amazing how much faster powder goes with 30% more case capacity. While am a die hard 6.8 man now have had to go back to 5.56 for range plinking as the extra 30% cost to run poodle shooters on the range it's much more economic to get my trigger time in shooting 5.56 when ringing steel and killing cardboard cutouts. Rather shoot 30% more 5.56 than worry about cost of same number of 6.8's just for run and gun range practice.

Am now in the same curve building 6.5 Creedmoor inventory as had been with 6.8 spc II as number of 6.5C rifles increase. With right shoulder having rotator cuff surgery twice and bad back am enjoying to softer recoil impulse of 6.5C over 7.6251 on range and don't worry about cost. Just don't have to run as many 7.62 loads these days without depleting my zombie hoard or long term ammo shortage inventory. Seems odd that just a few years ago how Sandy Hook took so many folks out of even shooting rim fire and folks like me had to ration weekly limits on 5.56 especially.

Am in a position and have been for decades do not think it possible to ever run out of rim fire. Was mashing a lot of rim fire cases into 5.56 bullet jackets during Sandy Hook and was even going to local ranges and picking up rim fire cases as was unsure how long the shortage would last as it seemed to go on so long. Also amazes me how many people didn't learn from that event and still only buy ammo amd components as consume it. Plus if Internet goes down I can still reload as have enough information in print can work out almost any combination of cartridge, power and projectile. Know reloads that don't own a hard print manual because say it's much easier to look up load data on internet but my older books also show me how to paper patch a 6.5mm or 7mm bullet up to 308 if need to.
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