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How sticky is the sealant?
I mention this here now because the bullets were sealed in the neck with a tar-like black sealer
Forrest, pretty much the way I remember it. thick black sticky tar like. It's been 3 or 4 years since I reloaded those primed pulldowns(LC 13 or 14) and there's still close to 1k in a can out there in the pile somewhere.

we all load to different personal standards it seems which is all right, seems every ones safety threshold is well in hand. I'm not real particular with 5.56 or 7.62 because my ar's and Fal's are for fun and blasting and the only gas guns I shoot anymore.
Now when it comes to boltguns, I am meticulously anal even to the point of checking the bore for copper fouling with an endoscope(seriously).
I'm old school(turned 70 in Sept.) and really enjoy building and hunting with custom rifles, mostly on Mauser actions.
When I load for them, once the cases are preped and once fired they never see a full length die again. necks get a bushing die and thats it. no need to ever trim again and no split necks. can reload cases indefinitely if I anneal.
weigh each powder charge and seat to max mag length.
When I get the right load worked up the guns shoot pretty well

these are 5 shot groups from my current hunting rifle--30-06 1908dwm Mauser with a 25in barrel bedded in a Bell&Carlson stock. timney trigger
20180614_180413 by steve bowman, on Flickr
20180703_122056 by steve bowman, on Flickr
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