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Originally Posted by W.E.G. View Post
I'm not saying it CAN'T be done.

I'm saying its 100% non-necessary for AR-15, FAL, M1A, Garand, and very likely a liability.

I can see some necessity for something like a Model 94. But even then, if you have decent neck tension, you still don't need to crimp. And you have plenty of leverage at your disposal if you have to force a round into - or out of - the chamber.

If you truly know what you're doing, and you are truly willing to do the job right, you likely won't get in trouble crimping bottleneck rounds. I've seen plenty that were squashed. Fugk all that. If it doesn't NEED it, why is anybody doing it?
I guess that we disagree about the necessity of crimping bullets in semi-auto ammo. I've seen OP bullets get pushed back into the case in non-crimped ammo (even with a good neck tension) in 5.56mm AR rifles. I don't like that...

Something like this is almost never seen because, generally, you shoot a chambered round. Not seeing a pushed-back-into-the-neck bullet in such a case is simply because the bullet is in the target/berm downrange. You'd only notice it if the round failed to chamber and you ejected the unfired round.

I use Lee Factory Crimp Dies for all semi-auto rifle ammo that Lee makes the collet crimp dies for (I've never seen a 7.5x54mm French one, for example). With the collet die, I can't see how you could even buckle the neck/shoulder like is possible/likely using the bullet seating die to also crimp. Of the cartridges mentioned, the .30-30 WCF Lee Collet crimp die is the most important because the neck is so long and the brass there so thin that you're almost guaranteed to buckle the neck when using non-collet crimping dies. You never will with the Lee Factory Crimp Die, and I think that a crimp is necessary for the .30-30 Win. (since I shoot it in M94 Winchesters and 336 Marlins).

I just finished up another 2500 rounds of 5.56x45mm M193 using PPU M193 bullets (which have the M193 cannelure, of course). All the crimps are perfect. And, with the Lee Factory Crimp Die (for bottleneck rifle cases, at least) the collet will work perfectly even if the cases vary somewhat in length (for me, that wouldn't be a problem anyway since I trim the cases every time).

The only case that would be worse than the .30-30 WCF that way would probably be the .22 Hornet, where even simply seating the bullet can push back the thin, fragile neck. Then again, I have no .22 Hornet guns, even bolt guns.

For the 5.7x28mm FN round, the bullet is not crimped in the short neck of the bottle-necked case, but is glued in place to prevent bullet pushback...

Obviously, that's my experience and yours obviously varies...

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