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Orion the Hunter
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Well Done Goose52 & TEAM!

Quality Research that is Bound in a Quality Hardcover Book!

As with your first edition, I especially like the “Collectors Notes”, as well as the other “Sidebars” of information, that offers the reader a boost of valuable information about the various FN-49 versions!

This token of feedback can barely compliment the Quality Binding and Heavy Gloss Papered Illustrations that are an added bonus!

Absolutely Outstanding! I am glad to have both autographed copies in my collection and on my bookshelf!

To the FN-49 Collector: If you own a FN-49...or are thinking about owning a FN-49...this is the book to have! It covers all aspects of the FN-49...which is well known to be the steppingstone to the famous FN-FAL!

If you haven’t already ordered your copy yet, I would highly recommend purchasing one ASAP!!

Orion the Hutner
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