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Would like to put my hands on one long enough to get one of my friends to put it in his Haas HMC which has an option that will feel a part and actually spit out a "scan" that can be opened and tweaked in 3D CAD/CAM software till part is either copied or improved as much as a programmer is willing to put into it and then rendered and optimized to cut the parts or making molds. I make a lot of mold masters for a company that does cultured marble for hotel bathrooms. If have stayed at a Hampton Inn, Hilton Garden Inn, Holiday Inn, Indigo Inn or other chains owned by those corporations odds are I designed the shower enclosure and made the masters for the molds.

Am selling some property and wife has agreed if sell it I can buy me another Haas CNC milling machine. Had a Haas VF 3YT with 4th axis option back before the economy crashed. Just after Y2K had begun building custom and restoring antique H-D motorcycles as a hobby and was making billed parts by doing part on my CNC router then finishing on my manual machines. Had a friend who sold a farm he inherited and wanted to go into the custom wheel business. We partnered up in a business where he rented a building to move his manual machines and welders then we split the cost on the VF 3YT. He could not even send and receive email but was one of the best welders and manual machinists I have seen for his youth.

He ran the machine and welding shop and when we sold wheels I would program the wheels and taught him to load and index parts. He could start a job then flip a part and index it to finish it then I would come load the next set. We suddenly had people buying wheels for cars and many wanted five so spare even matched. My main business was going full speed and then got in on doing 4G upgrades on Ma Bell cell towers to point could not keep up with everything. Buddy was wanting to be on his own and not a partner so sold him my half interest in the Haas. He hired a programmer, bought a VMC to make custom brake calipers and other smaller motorcycle parts then the economy crashed. He ended up selling all his equipment at a loss before his overhead ate up all his money from the inheritance and I bought a manual machine shop for my needs.

I have tried but unless I either go to Tech School or get a job in a machine shop I suck at manual machining. Had a good machinist who died and when could not find a replacement sold my big tool room lathe and my surfacing machine. Now I want another HMC and a VMC but unless sell property not going to pull from savings or finance it. Still can do a lot with equipment I have and could probably profile stocks on the CNC router with some custom holding fixtures especially if only making one or two types. Would love to make a quality knock off of Mini 14 GB factory folders if they don't still hold a patent on them.
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