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No Mention of JAE Going Out-Of-Business?

I guess the only FALaholic that posts in the M-14 Forum that could afford a/one JAE stock was Brother Art, and how many does he have; like 12 or more? I was waiting for someone else to mention them going out of business, which I consider a great loss.

I REALLY like the idea and overall execution of the JAE stock system and the work and craftsmanship were beautiful BUT I could not get into the rake/angle of the grip. It threw my wrist TOO FAR into ADDuction (while in line with the bore) and it was too uncomfortable for me for a long-term use. The grip was NOT a true Pistol Grip and consequentially the design, by nature, had to be a Kalifornication "variant" instead of a true "pistol grip" as on a USGI E-2 stock, McMillan A2 or even a McMillan A-3 stock.

Maybe someone else will pick up the engineering in future. The M-14 Cult needs quality parts that "work good; last long time" and judging by the ever shrinking market of M-14 Cultists and regular M-14 clone owners, all new introductions will have to be expensive.

The only thing close to the JAE now must be the Blackfeather system. We need Brother Art to put together a bunch of fine M-14 clones using these and showing us how they improve accuracy and reliability next.

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