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In the past Lidocaine products have been prescription. As of July 1 in Georgia Lidocaine cream and Lidoderm patches at 4% strength are available over the counter. 5% is still prescription but 4% products are hitting the shelves so go stock your kits up. My guess is a 1% difference in strength is not significant. Have a tube of 4% and a box of 4% patches to try just for grins. For me, 5% will be cheaper due to insurance. If you have a good prescription plan that picks up the 5% products don't waste money by using OTC. Like Flonase is now available OTC at $27 bottle. If I hand pharmacist a script, get a different bottle with same compound but $15 copay on insurance. Odd how something can be OTC and prescription at same time, pharmacist said never had issues like this till Nobamacare messed everything up.Don't know if this is applicable to all states as a move by the Feds or just a Georgia thing. Be sure to check because both are great items to stock up on.
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