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Originally Posted by Texgunner View Post
"In this supposed epoch of globalization, France appears to remain so different in matters of hygiene from many of its European neighbors that the newspaper Le Figaro recently devoted an entire page to the subject. It found that:

* While the average Briton uses 3 pounds of soap annually and the average German 2.9 pounds, the average Frenchman uses 1.3 pounds--meaning four to five cakes of soap are made to stretch out over an entire year."

That was taken from this back in 1998, and there is more of course :
Best advice I ever got, was when boarding a river sight seeing boat outside Paris one summer, when another GI and his wife getting off told us to make damn sure we stood in the bow!!!!!

That open sewer which runs through Paris, ain't got nuthin on them ladies walking around that town.
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