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Originally Posted by V guy View Post
The American Black today is as mentioned, a new racial group, with mixed DNA like S Americans and Mexicans.

The bell curve on IQ is true for all groups. Unfortunatley most criminals come from the low end of the bell curve, and are violent.

Most of the Communists also come from the low end of the curve, unless they are the snake oil liars like Schumer, Pelosi, Durbin, Obama, etc selling shit to the dumb followers, by giving them free shit.

I sat with a long time black friend the other day at the Y and chewed the fat; very insightful guy and totally dedicated to the Lord; and very aware of how life works. Most would dismiss him as just another shaved head black guy.

I am most angry at the criminals of every race, but BLM and the Illegals get my goat everyday.

I find 90% women of every race, genetically selected for arrogance, vacuousness, beauty obsessiveness, and are amoral $$$$ huntresses, disdainful of "rules"made by anyone; cops, banks, store clerks, waitresses, and other "peons."
I really don't get you guys, ya low end criminals are dangerous but they have limited power as to how many they can hurt. The educated mfers that run this country have killed millions. Name one politicions that doesn't have a college education. No I don't think measuring intelligence is done right.
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