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John Dowd, one of Trumps former White House Lawyers, said today on Fox radio, that what is going on is a true attempted Coup D 'etat.

Coup d 'etat.

He said that Mueller lied to him over and over, and the Mueller is working for the deep state and an unidenified "boss."
Dowd further said that Mueller will never be finished with his investigation until Trumps terms end.

He basically advoated firing the dirty bastard immediately, but feels that the new AG Barr, will do Mueller in, and start the Hillary/Obama/DNC/Clapper, Brennan investigations, and get the FBI to boot.

He said that the recent NYTimes article that said the FBI started an illegal investigation of Trump and Russia connections.........after he fired Comey is an admission of corruption at the highest level of the FBI, as all the dirty dozen who were fired, or left proved anyway.

Keep you powder dry; more liberal gun grabbing shit, and Russia collusion lies coming down the pike.
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