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Originally Posted by SWOHFAL View Post
Poor whites do better on STs than high income blacks:
""Barriers for disadvantaged students and efforts to close the gap""


Considering that up to 1959 or so, blacks were pretty much excluded from decent American educations, this is pretty darn good as for making up the differences.

""nternational comparisons
International educational math scores (2007)
(4th graders average score, TIMSS
International Math and Science Study, 2007)
American students:
(by origin) Maths
Asian American 582
European American 550
Hispanic American 504
African American 482
Highlights From TIMSS 2007

As a whole, students in the United States lagged the best Asian and European nations in the TIMSS international math and science test. However, broken down by race, US Asians scored comparably to Asian nations, white Americans scored comparably to the best European nations. Although some racial generally score lower than whites in the US, they scored as well as whites in other European nations. Hispanic Americans averaged 505, comparable to students Austria and Sweden, while African Americans at 482 were comparable to Norway and Ukraine.[125]

Pretty smart folks in Norway and the Ukraine.
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