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This is one of the better posts I have read about the Sig P210 series of pistols.

The first P210 I saw was way back in 1964 at a Rod & Gun club in Germany. I was an eighteen year old army PFC. I had read about the Sig P49/P210 in Smith and Smith's Small Arms of the World. It was described as the world's finest crafted service pistol. I would have loved to have purchased that P210 but it wasn't possible on a PFC's pay. But I told myself that someday I would do so.

That day came in August 2002. Thirty eight years later..... Talk about a Holy Grail Gun. As I posted recently I like the new P210A but there is no way I would trade my P210-6 for one. The Swiss made P210 was and still is the world's finest crafted service pistol in my admittedly biased mind.

And so it goes.

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