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Hi Tac40...I've made sure the gas plug is in the A position...even flipped it around on purpose to fire it in G. Here is what I've done so far:

1) , I have screwed the gas regulator sleeve all the way forward and the gun does not cycle on any setting (1-7).

2) I have checked and the gas plug and set it to A...I actually experimented and set it to G and fired it and got the expected results of not cycling.

3) Installed New Recoil springs from DSA. They were actually about 3 inches longer than the springs in the gun, but went in fine.

4) Lubed rails and everything seems to be cycling fine.

5) Made sure gas tube pins are at 4 and 8 o'clock

6) The gas piston is traveling fine in the receiver and gas apparent damage to the piston as well.

7) I've used the gas plug that was in unissued condition and it was bottom was shinny when I first used it.

8) Threads on the gas tube seem to be OK...I don't see any threads that are deformed.

9) Pulled the front sight and had the gas port checked to see if it is alligned correctly. We didn't have a correct size drill bit to see if the port is open enough. However the person I was working with eye balled it and felt like it was pretty much OK and felt I was getting enough gas.

I notice when I fire it, the gun does not cycle but the hammer resets, which seems weird. I fire a round then pull the trigger again and hear the hammer fall and hit the firing pin.

I've noticed some residue build up on the end of some of the channels on the gas regulator sleeve particularly on numbers between 2 and 4. I'll clean out the tube the butstock tonight to see if there is any obstruction. I was wondering if that there must be a mismatch of parts in the lower that is screwing up something just enough to keep it from cycling.
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