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Good to hear about the chambers. Also about not trying to attain match quality with carbon wrap barrels as my next build accuracy is much more important than weight. Will be very interested to see what kind of accuracy you get out of yours. What length will it be? I would be upset to spend upwards of a grand on a barrel not knowing was paying for a good shooting lightweight barrel and not a great shooting barrel period.

Am now waffling between 24.5" and 26" for my next 6.5 build and will now defiantly be a single point cut rifled stainless tube and sent off to be cryotreated before installed. My turn bolt smith swears by it for stabilizing a barrel and adding some durability allowing throat to last longer before has to be lapped then eventually recut. Wonder if you can remove the gas block from an AR barrel, shave 1/4" off the back, recharger and reinstall the barrel extension with a little addition to threads? Have done this with several of my highly over bore turn bolts and gotten twice the life out of a barrel before the rifling starts to erode past usable for precision?

In fact the first 22 Nosler barrel I smoke the throat on an AR 15 may send to White Oak Armament and ask them to give it a try if they will. Have seldom had a barrel that rifling was not still sharp when throat went past point of no return. Would likely be a big money saver and encourage more 22 Nosler builds. Read an article over the weekend where a well known gun writer was doing very well using his 22 Nosler AR 15 builds at 1,000 yards as the bullets stay supersonic out to 1,200ish yards based on weight. 77 grain bullets shoot great in the typical 1:8 tube but article I read author was chambering Bartlein and Kreiger 1:7 tubes in 22 Nosler and with handle ads shooting sub 1/2 MOA five shot groups at 100 yards using 90 grain Bergers and still holding 1 MOA at 100 yards in no wind when all came together.

Like the 6XC AR 10s my top notch 22 Noslers just have no gas left past 800 yards to really kill anything big enough you could hit cleanly. Why I want to build a precision 6.5C AR 10 and see if I can find 1 MOA from a gas gun and have enough energy to kill stuff at a 1,000 yards as the military claims.
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