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Originally Posted by C2A1 View Post
Thanks for the links YH.
I tend to agree with Huey on letting air and light (UV) help deal with skin breaks. I've used this approach when I was in places where a clean bandage was a nice though.
Its that person to person contact we're all looking for, or should be.
The nearest I get to chickens is at KFC and I;m not worried about those.

I did not buy my home and land thinking in terms of survival during pandemics but it will be a good location to ride out the storm.

More than able to keep everything away, no contact well out past 300 yards, dedicated and secure water source, etc.

Most folks can't survive a week or ten days without all essential services being on line, working properly and have no clue that if a pandemic hits, the people who keep the water and trucks moving, won;t be going to work, so those two vital resources, water and all goods come to a sudden halt.
You may find me dead in a ditch one day, on my knees, but I will be up to my waist in spent rifle brass.

It ain't the firearms they are wanting to be rid of, its you!
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