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Allways welcome here. You would not be the first FALfiles member that steps in my cave. As for shooting, Belgian law allows you 1 day "try out" as an introducee. 2nd you need to get the licenses...
That means one 24 Hr brrrrrrrrrr run
I hope your thumb holds out so long... Ammo, 1000 9mm Para cost 180€ or 199$ Not sure if that is expensive but it aint cheap.

I see you like GALIL's.
I happen to have a IsraŽlian Tank kolonel (still alive today) personal Micro galil with a unique burst mechanisme. That's a nice choise for subguns.
If you go for pistol calibre. MP5 all day long.

It is even shorter as an MP5


Originally Posted by hueyville View Post
The Galil 556 has a cyclic rate of 650 rounds per minute. Personally I consider 500 to 650 rpm the perfect sweet spot in rate of fire and why I like the MGI Rate Reduction Buffer along with M16 full auto carrier plus adjustable gas to get an AR 15/M16 down in the 550 round per minute cyclic rate as in a semi auto SPR/SDM rifle the slower rate of fire aids in accuracy.

At age 15 got a few chances to fire select fire Ingrams in 45 and decided were too lively for me. Finally got to try a 9mm select fire and was still work to keep on target. Before I was old enough to do the NFA thing talked my dad into doing a Trust if I paid for paperwork and all items so we set up a Trust in his name with me as beneficiary and heir. My first purchases were a pair of M11s in 380 with Sionics suppressors that have a 1,380 round per minute rate of fire. In 380 with the cans they are a hoot but have worst sights on the market. Now one sports a daylight laser and the other an I.R. laser aiming device. It takes a lot of practice not to dump the entire mag with just a tap on the trigger.

Added a Ruger AC556 in GB Factory Folder trim and it's 700 rpm rate of fire rate was not bad with the 13" barrel and later added an adjustable gas block and had a smith that specialized in this rifle work it over and returned it with a 500 rpm cyclic rate which also adds durability to a rifle known to be expensive to fix if breaks. I like my light fighter and select fire MBRs to have a lazy somewhat slow rate of fire. The M11s dumping a good quality 380 round like Hornady Critical Defense at almost 1,400 rpm is putting a whopping amount of energy per second on target if dump the magazine. With practice can learn to feather the trigger down to two or three twitches.

I would like to have a micro uzi above and beyond any other model. Like shooting H&K VP70s even with their 2,200 rpm cyclic rate as the three shot burst keeps them under control and can easily put all three rounds in center of mass as gun runs so fast third round is down the pipe and gone before an experienced shooter loses control of it. Three rounds of premium 9mm hitting target almost simultaneously is another major energy dump.

It sure would be nice to have access to Paco's collection with at least a month to work through the pile firing each and setting the ones that liked best aside then when through entire pile spend a week narrowing to pile of favorites down to a smaller pile of ultra favorites. I would buy a plane ticket for myself and a friend for that opportunity as would need help cleaning them as shot them. Have a friend that was originally in 75th Rangers before transferring into Delta Force who is cross trained on so many weapons and odd tricks can do with some believe I would need him to ensure we didn't hurt anything and reassembled each correctly after cleaning. Wonder if Paco could find us an ammo sponsor as well?
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