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Originally posted by Rawles

Viewed another way, the load should not exceed 30 percent of a personís body weight when carrying an approach march load. Deanís team weighed and photographed troops at every level, from wearing only their basic uniforms and boots to what they carried for their emergency approach march loads for 29 different positions in rifle companies. [/B]

You know, my equipment was weighed and photographed for that study in 1988 when my Bn was deployed to Fort Chafee, Ark for JRTC (since moved to Ft Polk LA) My LBE weighed something in the area of 40 pounds sans M-60. My ruck was over 80 pounds as I recall. The folks weighing everything were constantly talking about howmuch everyhting weighed when they were struggling to get it up in the hook to weigh it. They did weigh a sample of everyone-SAW gunner, rifleman, grenadier, RTO, etc.

This is the first time Ive seen any of the results.

Leg pouches, as GP has said, generally beat the hell out your legs if you are walking much in them. The leg panels with kevlar are a great idea, though. I know of at least wo folks who may be alive if they had them.

A lot of what you can carry depends upon your conditioning. As a young fit fellow I still sufferred from back and shoulder paing while humping heavy loads. Also, if you are the Alpha male of a family unit humping a ton of stuff, you will not be hyper alert and vigilant after a few days.

For me my camping pack, a chest pouch with 8 FAL mags, and one in the rifle is enough. I have an old single shot boys .22 that breaks down on the outside of the pack with a few hundred .22's. No .45 or Glock. Couple of bandoleers in the pack for the FAL.

Also, I did see a while back that the Ranger Regt was using ammunition carts to carry 120mm mortar ammo-the mortars have wheels and they were pushing/pulling the mortars on a road march, too. They looked a lot like the old WWII ammo carts.

Mark, are the two books you have referenced available that you know of? I haven't seen them around-that would be the "With Ordinance to the Front" and the jungle lessons. Thanks.

Blackhawk chest rig, holds eight FAL mags. I can wear this under my backpack, I shot practical rifle matches with it on, I like it.

AR pouch rig. This is more of a sustainment-BO kit.

My old school LBE I used to wear in the Army. I have trained with this worn over a chest rig, so you can dump the LBE and shoot in just the chest deal...Still feels like an old friend when I put it on-although I don't know when I took off the H suspenders and put those Y ones one.....

Look at the low Falaholic number and the low number of posts....where have I gone wrong????

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