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Originally Posted by 4x401 View Post
Thats a real nice looking pistol.
I've never heard of that variant before.

I can't offer any wisdom toward value, but I know for a fact that as soon as Smith went down the "Safety" road, it killed future sales of new pistols....except for those that don't know better. That hole in the side detracts a big way. I've tried to like them, and can't.

I belong to a local regional forum that has a Smith collector always putting up stuff for sale. Holy crap, I don't know who his "hook up" was, but some of the stuff he posts for sale and just eye candy, is beauty and rarity.
And holy shit, the sale prices...I can't afford none of it.

He avoids anything with the "Ignition switch"...
Yup - the Hillary Hole kills resale value. The newer S&Ws also use MIM parts, frame mounted firing pins and 2 piece barrels. The older pre-lock/pre-MIM S&W are perceived to be a better value/investment.
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