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trouble in more places than one.

Ive read about that avian flu, and once it mutates, which it does, should it mutate into a human host strain all bets are off. It could easily be worse than the black death that Europe went through where 1 of 2 died. Poultry inspectors will destroy thousands of birds in another area, just because the wind is blowing their way... this is how deadly this stuff is.

I saw the pics of the Venezuala protests concerning their gov'ts socialist agenda and how their society has totally failed. Consider this for a second. Their money is worthless. There is no food. Their hospitals cannot treat anything because they are totally out of antibiotic compounds, dressings, sutures and narcotics. There is no water treatment. Electricity is available only a few hours a day. Refrigeration? Doesnt matter when there isnt anything to keep cold.

The Russians were supposed to give them something, and maybe the US will too, but to my knowledge we have been told to stay out after the Kimberly Clark factory in VZ was taken over by their govt. This was an American Company that was seized by the VZ Gov't. The saving grace was Citibank holds the VZ gold, and cashed 1/3 of it in to pay Kimberly Clark whatever the factory was worth, whether Venezuala liked it or not.

The other thing that nobody is talking about is where do you think these people are going to go? Sure surrounding countries will take some refugees. Trump better get moving on that wall is all I can say. Problem is all the VZ refugees that make it to US soil, will all say they are fleeing their Socialist Gov't and then its come on in...sure bring your cholera, pest and God knows what with you so we all get it.
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